The only manufacturer of electronic technology designed exclusively for the de Tomaso Pantera Pantera Electronics products utilize state of the art technology to solve the common electrical problems while using the factory wiring harness. The product solutions presented on this website "manage" the electrical power the same as modern automotive electronics. Pantera Electronics has a reputation for products that can be installed by the owner, minimal electrical knowledge or experience is required. Instruction manuals are straight forward with illustrations and photos. All of the Pantera Electronics products use compatible quick disconnect terminals with wire color labels that match the Pantera electrical system. Pantera Electronics products are premier in functionality and are the de facto electrical up- grades for the Pantera. Panteras' with these products will be the preference of future buyers, and will enjoy a greater return on their investment. All products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.  Every effort to incorporate American manufactured components is applied during the product design. PRODUCTS Air Conditioning Controller Electronic Relay Plate assembly now available for 1973 / 1974 Panteras, completes the offering for an all electronic system. News New hours of operation