> Efficient proportional fan speed for radiator temperature control, fans consume less power, less load on alternator and battery.  > Utilizes power semiconductors to drive (2) fans in excess of 18 amps each, a total of 36 amps or 500 watts without contacts arcing during turn on or turn off.  > Fan operation is delayed 12 seconds to allow starting engine without the fans loading the battery.  > 5 Indicators, "POWER ON", "READY", "AIR FLOW DEMAND", (2) "FANS ON".  > Activates amber light in speedometer when fans are ON,  flashes amber indicator when the fan fuse is open.  > Ramped fan speed to minimize voltage drops due to high current in-rush.  > Compatible quick disconnect terminals that match the original Pantera wire harness.  > Rugged aluminum enclosure, can be painted to match body color.  > Only (1) temperature sensor is required, electrically insulated from coolant and radiator, no galvanic action.  > Input terminal to enable fans at maximum speed for forward mounted air conditioner condenser.  > Simplifies wiring, no wire splices, no additional diodes needed, diodes reduce fan motor voltage 10% and decrease air flow. Radiator Fan Controller with temperature sensor Part # RFC-01 Price - $236.00 USD  (Requires adapter below) Temperature sensor adapter plate with gasket for factory Pantera radiator. Part # FRA-1 Price - $35.00 USD Temperature sensor adapter for Fluidyne radiator. Part # 32MM-22-6 Price - $23.00 USD Modern Technology The Radiator Fan Controller utilizes proportional speed control based on thermal demand of radiator, this minimizes engine temperature fluctuation for improved engine performance. The RFC compares the coolant temperature to a reference and activates the fans at minimum speed to limit the coolant temperature to 140 degrees (F). This provides a coolant reserve that is 40 degrees less than the operating temperature of the engine. The thermostat in the engine, controls the temperature of the engine to 180 degrees (F) by opening only enough to allow the coolant to absorb heat above 180 degrees (F). As the ambient air or engine temperature increases, the RFC increases the fan speed to maintain a maximum radiator coolant temperature of 140 degrees (F). The only way that the engine thermostat can accurately control engine temperature is to have a coolant reserve with a lower temperature than the engine thermostat temperature. Accurate engine temperature control helps to lower harmful pre-detonation by keeping cylinder head temperature constant. Constant cylinder head temperature means the ignition timing can be advanced more aggressively. The RFC is designed to fit in the original position where the relays are located, convenient for connections to the fans, temperature sensor and wiring harness. Independent electronic outputs for each fan provide redundant operation for reliability and simplified wiring. Even if one fan stops operating the other fan will increase speed to compensate. The current consumption of 2 high volume fans operating at full speed is approximately 20% of a starter motor during engine start. To alleviate the fan current at engine start, the RFC delays the fan operation for 12 seconds when the ignition key is turned on, this allows full battery current for the starter motor. The RFC also improves the  functionality of the fan indicator in the speedometer; "ON" indicates the fans are operating and "FLASHING" indicates the fan fuse is open. Installation Diagram Radiator Fan Controller The only manufacturer of electronic technology designed exclusively for the de Tomaso Pantera When using the Radiator Fan Controller with two Spal fans it is NOT necessary to: > Cut holes in the hood for relief vents < > Use blocking baffles over the the fins of the radiator outside of the fan geometry < > Use any other coolant additive other than ethylene glycol based antifreeze < PRODUCTS <--  Use this fan, click on fan image to see details.